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Now we introduce the new 1/18 scale to Maxam. The first model is, the Desert Storm M18, in 3 colors. 4 wheel drive desert car, the ultimate car to indoor and outdoor fun with the family. All the electronics are new, a compact unit with servo, 2, 4ghz receiver and esc included in 1 unit. The new XT11 transmitter XT11 is 2,4ghz, so you can drive with all your friends without any problems.

X Factory-assembled
X pre-painted body (Red, Orange or Blue)
X 2.4GHz radio system
X Strong powerful motor
X 4WD Drive
X 4 oil-filled shocks
X Includes battery and charger

X 2.4GHz radio system
X Brushed Motor
X 1100mAh NiMH battery
X 220V 250mAh NiMH charger
X 33 km/h topspeed
X Length: 290mm
X Width: 165mm
X Hight: 108mm
X Ground clearance: 13mm
X wheelbase: 160mm
X wheel diameter: 56mm

Item: #c0401 maXam Desert Storm M18 Red
Item: #c0402 maXam Desert Storm M18 Orange
Item: #c0403 maXam Desert Storm M18 Blue

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